Tea Excellence by Ronnefeldt

Quality through orthodox tea making

Ronnefeldt teas you can enjoy in the best hotels and restaurants around the world and in many countries also at home. Customers appreciate the excellent tea qualities made with craftsmanship - from picking in the tea gardens, careful production steps at the origin, dazzling in the tea tasting to filling and packaging in bags and cans.

Philosophy of the great leaf

It is the orthodox production process, with which one achieves the highest quality with meticulousness, experience treasure, fingertip feeling, passion and sensible machine use. 

Thus, the tea leaves, Two leaves and one bud '(two leaves, one bud) are picked by hand in the best harvesting times and then processed softly and gently. This is labour and time intensive.

Picking tea is called "craft, fingertip feeling, and experience"

Only in this way can the whole subtlety of the aroma and the typical character of the tea plants characterize the taste of the high-quality leaf tea.

Tea tasting

Our Tea pushbuttons are highly specialized flavors with special sensors and excellent gourmet. With all the senses, they test and taste the tea leaves, as well as fruits and herbs and dazzling creations, which meet the requirements of demanding tea-makers all over the world. Every week, several tea leaves come to our table at our tea-tasters. International valid rules define a uniform form. In each tea tasting drinking cup, for example, you taste 2.86 grams (the weight of an old sixpence coin).

Organic quality

Products from organic cultivation are becoming increasingly popular. Ronnefeldt fulfils this wish with a large organic tea range. The universal recognized Bio Organic Certification guarantees a controlled ecological cultivation, i.e. the tea is cultivated without genetic engineering changes and without the use of chemical-synthetic plant protection products. In addition, Ronnefeldt has all its teas examined in accredited German laboratories for residues, so that they not only taste but also ensure personal well-being.