Not just tea  -  but a true concept

Ronnefeldt has several top quality product lines with which you can delight the tea connoisseurs among your guests: Loose tea, Leafcup, and for the guest in a hurry, Teavelope.

Tea is an infusion and needs to have hot water poured over it

Everything you need to make a perfect cup of tea.


Mugs, cups, strainers, tea filters, measuring spoons, tea timers and more ar there to help you make and serve tea to perfection.  They all support you in meeting your guests high expectations, while helping your staff at the same time.

The elegant glassy glass with Ronnefeldt logo is particularly heat resistant and strong. An inside stacking edge provides for a good stackability of the cups and the upper cup has a strong edge on the lower cup . Due to its asymmetrical position on the bottom cup, it also offers more storage space for pastries. From Leonardo design.  Filling capacity 32 cl.

The Ronnefeldt glass saucer offers by its asymmetrical form shelf for sugar, spoon, or pastries. Suitable for the Ronnefeldt Glass.

Tea Glass saucer
Suitable for Leonardo design glass.

Ronnefeldt Glass slim transparent

0.32 L

Premium lightweight but strong and heat resistant glass cup and saucer, without logo.

Premium lightweight glass cup and saucer with filter and without logo.

Chinaware by Ronnefeldt


High quality tea desirves a wll designed teapot or a system to help make tea. With the Tilting teapot, a Ronnefeldt classic, tea is made in three stages, - first the teapot is laid down flat, then tilted and finally is stood upright. The attractive "Tafelstern"teapot systems makes childs's play of making tea with a strainer.

Ronnefeldt all-purpose teapot in 800 and 400 ml without logo 
from Tafelstern, hard porcelain, white

Ronnefeldt Tafelstern teacup and saucer

Hard porcelain and white

Ronnefeldt Teapot warmer

From Tafeltern

Hard porselain, white

Tea for one set

Hard porcelain, white

Ronnefeldt Teavelope teabag bowl

Porcelein, white

Ronnefeldt Loose Leaf Tea Can
Practical metal storage can

Ronnefeldt dish
Porcelain white
for Tea-caddy, Leafcup and Teavelope


for all Ronnefeldt porcelain
Teapots 0,4 and 0,8 liter

plastic with stainless steel filter gauze

Strainer cup
from Tefelstern

Hard porcelain, white

Strainer Stainless Steel

Ronnefeldt Tea measuring spoon


Made of stainless steel, 
titanium coating (protection against corrosion)


Japanese Teafilter

Teafilter made of paper

Ronnefeldt Tea timer



Displays by Ronnefeldt


Ronnefeldt Leafcup Bar in stainless steel.

for 9 varieties LeafCup
With: approx. 38.5 cm
Height: approx. 20.8 cm

Depth: approx. 14 cm.

Ronnefeldt Leafcup Banquet

for 6 varieties LeafCup

Black composition leather
With: approx. 28 cm
Height: approx 20 cm

Depth: approx. 19 cm

Ronnefeldt Teavelope display box for flavours in leather look black.