Tea Excellence by Ronnefeldt

As a family business, Ronnefeldt has been acting socially and ecologically responsibly since our foundation in 1823. Whether the promotion of education at the origin, further education in the international hotel industry and in specialist trade, the promotion of universities and art and culture-making - the company is engaged in a variety of ways in a sustainable manner.

We live and love responsibility
Childaid Network and ETP

Ronnefeldt has been a sponsor of the Childaid Network , an award-winning foundation dedicated to educational opportunities and children's rights in the world's poorest regions. 

Ronnefeldt is a member of the renowned non-profit organization Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) in London. Founded in 1997, the ETP has set itself the goal of sustainably strengthening the social, ethical and ecological responsibility in the global tea trade.

Ronnefeldt sustainability report 

Sustainability is a promise

In 2017, Ronnefeldt publishes its first sustainability report and is one of the first German medium-sized companies to follow the globally recognized standard (2016) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) .