Tea Excellence by Ronnefeldt

How does green tea stay green?

Green tea is the original tea that dominated the tea culture in China and japan for thousands of years, and still does today. As with black tea, it starts with the leaves of the tea bush. But how do they stay green?


By stopping the leaves from fermenting. Both countries have developed their own method.

The Chinese way

In China,the fresh tea leaves are heated up in very hot, large pans (woks) for arround 30 seconds.  This process inactivates the enzymes, which mean no fermentation can take place. The tea remains green. Its flavour is delicately tart and aromatic and its cup colour shimmers light yellow.

The Japanese way

In japan, the green leaves are exposed to hot steam at around 100 degrees celsius in large steel drums. This process is similar to blanching and inactivates the enzymes within 2 minutes so that no fermentation can take place. The tea also remains green during this process. It has a fresh, medium-tart and somewhat grassy flavour and its cup colour is a shimmering, brilliant green.