Tea Excellence by Ronnefeldt

Why Ronnefeldt selects orthodox teas only?

Premium teas can only be produced by the orthodox, traditional method, since the special gentle hand-craftmanship of the orthodox method enhances the fine aroma of a tea. In contrast there are also entirely automated processing methods, such as the CTC process, during which the leaves are subjected to powerful mechanical forces. Compare for yourself.


  • Automated mass production
    Curling, i.e. rolling

  • Simple flavour, no fine aroma,nolarge leaf grades

  • Duration: around 8-12 hours

The orthodox method

  • The best quality tea comes from processing according to the traditional orthodox method.

  • Ronnefeldt only buys tea varieties processed according to the orthodox method. Our close contact with garden managers ensure that what we buy is the best quality.

  • Duration: arond 20-24 hours

the Ronnefeldt way