Ronnefeldt has four top quality product lines with which you can delight the tea connoisseurs among your guests: Loose tea, Leafcuo and for the guest in a hurry, Teavelope.

How to prepare your tea perfectly

Tea is an infusion and needs to have hot water poured over it

Prewarm the pot with hot water. Then pour the water away. Use av filter with neutral odour.

Portion the tea. Per cup:

Leaf teas      = 1 slightly heaped teasponn
Broken teas = 1 level teaspoon

Pour freshly boiling water over the tea.
Note: make green tea with water that has cooled down to approx. 80'C after boiling.

There is a wild explosion of flavour in the pot when the water meets the tea. The tea leaves have plenty of room to unfold and are optimally immersed in the water.

This releases tha active ingredints in the tea leaves and their flavour into water.

Take care that the tea is infused for just the right length of time, remove the strainer from the pot and place it on the strainer dish. The tea is now ready to serve

Always serve it like this to your guests in the right china. And do not forget the strainer dish or the small dish for Leafcup or Teavelope.  Let your guests know how long the tea needs to infuse, if necessary with a tea timer.

Loose tea

There is nothing better for the classic tea ceremony than losse Ronnefeldt tea.  To make that tea plesure perfect, there are however a few rules you need to keep to.